We often put off going to the dentist until we are in unbearable pain. Wincing around, we promise ourselves never to let our teeth get this bad again, but life happens. School runs, grocery shopping, pesky car problems seem to take precedence over our dental hygiene. We find many of our emergency patients put their teeth problems off until they need serious assistance. Our teeth and oral health are important and we should prioritise them. And as one of the best dentists in Newcastle, we can assure you that seeking treatment early on can sometimes prevent painful procedures and unexpected costly bills in the future.

Another reason why people usually ignore their symptoms is that they aren’t sure if it’s serious enough. As professionals, we understand what needs immediate attention and what can be treated over a longer period. But you may not. We can help you understand the warning signs and encourage you always to seek dental attention when you are unsure of your ailments.

You Have More Than Just Bad Breath 

You’ve noticed a worsening smell and taste over a few weeks. You may have even stocked up on mouthwash, mouth fresheners and have been furiously flossing every night. But the peculiar smell and taste do not seem to be alleviating. This can be a sign that you may have an abscess, gingivitis or even an infected tooth. It’s best to check this out with your dentist to rule out any serious conditions.

You’ve Chipped A Tooth

Many people think a small chip isn’t a cause for concern and will avoid going to the dentist unless they are in extreme pain. But sometimes chipped teeth can worsen, and you may face pain in the future. A dentist can quickly assess the damage, provide treatment and long-term support for your tooth.

Your Gums Are Bleeding

Another sign that is overlooked and causes worsening problems in the future is bleeding gums. Gum disease is often shrugged off because people do not understand how complex of an issue it can become. Ignoring your inflamed gums can lead to poor oral health and eventually may result in you losing your teeth.

You Are In Constant Discomfort 

Assuming your continuous discomfort is simply sensitive teeth can be short-sighted. Discomfort can be an indication that you have infected teeth or gums. And while you may be able to withstand the discomfort now, there’s no way to know if it won’t deteriorate even further. Seeking treatment from your dentist can not only resolve your problem but let you enjoy cold drinks and ice-cream without grimacing.

Ignoring these signs can lead to more than just expensive bills in the future. Teeth emergencies can be inconvenient, hard to schedule around and painful. But the good news is that often they can be avoided with timely intervention by your dentist. For the best dentist in Newcastle, make an appointment with us at Newcastle City Dental. We offer friendly and reliable service with every booking.