As with a paediatric doctor, a paediatric dentist in Newcastle is a qualified healthcare worker who specialises in children’s oral health. Children can and should see the dentist from infancy right through to their teen years, and a paediatric dentist is uniquely specialised to ensure the best care for growing mouths.

Milk teeth or baby teeth first appear at around six months of age. At this age, parents and guardians should take their little ones to the dentist to check that teeth are growing correctly and that there are no cavities or other anomalies. Proper dental care at this age will prevent issues further on in life that may lead to debilitating pain or other complications.

How Are Paediatric Dentists Trained?

When you search for a paediatric dentist in Newcastle, you are invariably looking for a professionally trained and qualified healthcare practitioner to look after your child’s teeth. All dentists need to go through dental school for at least four years and after that, an additional two years of residency training in dentistry. During this time, a dental student will specialise in infant, children, teens and children with special needs training where they will work closely with children who have more severe dental needs.

What Do Paediatric Dentists Do?

Aside from the regular check-ups of both milk teeth and young adult teeth, paediatric dentists correct and treat several issues including:

  • Exams in infants to assess cavity risks.
  • Cleaning and fluoride treatment as a part of preventative care.
  • Recommending diet and nutrition plans.
  • Assessment of habit consequences, such as dummies and sucking of thumbs.
  • Orthodontics to correct abnormalities such as an over or underbite
  • Fixing of cavities and other issues.
  • Diagnosing oral conditions related to diseases including diabetes, hay fever, congenital heart defect, asthma and more.
  • Treatment of various gum diseases such as ulcers, short frenulae, mucoceles, and paediatric periodontal disease
  • Dental injury care, such as fractures or knocked-out teeth.

Never put off taking your child to see a paediatric dentist. Even if everything looks fine, you may be able to prevent future issues before they begin. At Newcastle City Dental, we’re paediatric dentists taking the correct steps towards your child’s healthy dental future with bright smiles! Book your child’s appointment today.

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