When looking for the best dentist in Newcastle, it’s important to find a practice that makes you feel welcomed, comfortable, and confident in your oral health journey.

From the day you got your first tooth, you’ve been taught the essentials of oral hygiene and how to care for your teeth. You may have had a special toothbrush with your favourite cartoon character on it and a fun song that your parents would sing to encourage a full two-minute brush, but now spending two minutes in front of the mirror every morning brushing back and forth is a mundane task, and not as exciting as it once was.

However, there are many ways to motivate yourself to keep your gums and teeth healthy, whether with a reward of your favourite sweet treat or a day doing your favourite activity; you’ll benefit from it in more ways than one! A healthy smile and oral vitality foster a healthier body and lifestyle. Keep your overall health in check by simply prioritising a few minutes with your toothbrush and dental floss daily.

More Than A Brighter Smile 

We all want a whiter and brighter smile, which is easily achieved with a visit to the dentist, but oral health is far more than what appearances let on. Instead, it’s about having teeth that live as long as you do, avoiding oral diseases, and enjoying all of life’s adventures and experiences without hesitation, discomfort, or compromise.

Of course, some things happen beyond our control, like accidentally chipping a tooth on a glass bottle or sustaining an oral injury that knocks a few teeth out. Still, these situations can easily be resolved with the appropriate dental treatments, such as veneers, caps, fillings and crowns.

Preventative Measures Start In Childhood

For children, healthy teeth are exceptionally important. Why? Well, as a child’s jaw is still developing and their facial bone structure continues to mature, the way they speak and eat can be significantly affected if dental issues are not treated properly. For example, an overbite, underbite, or misaligned teeth may cause speech problems, such as mispronunciation or a lisp. Thankfully, several dental treatments are available from childhood to adulthood, ensuring your oral health is in the best condition throughout your life!

So, if you are due for a dental checkup or cleaning and need a reputable dentist to visit, look no further than Newcastle City Dental! Get in touch with us today to book your appointment and let our expert dentists in Newcastle take care of your smile!