nterested in what solutions are available for releasing tongue ties in Newcastle? With years of experience helping patients with this often hereditary congenital anomaly, we have all the skills and know-how to ensure our patients are well taken care of and can leave our practice with an improved quality of life.

Who Does It Affect?

Tongue ties affect nearly one in twenty babies. A short frenulum restricts tongue movement. This, in turn, results in several issues with a growing infant, such as weight loss. Due to a baby’s inability to feed properly, they are taking in a reduced amount of the necessary milk.

Often times, a child with a tongue tie will not latch properly, so the milk runs out the side of their mouths, leading to more complicated issues.

The good news is that tongue ties can be resolved with minimally invasive oral surgery, right here at our Newcastle practice.

Continue reading below to learn more about tongue ties and the common signs that come with the condition.

Identifying A Tongue Tie

If you’re a concerned parent, you have our support from start to finish. For the most part, tongue ties are diagnosed in infants during their first physical examination by their paediatrician or general practitioner. However, if the doctor fails to detect restricted tongue movement, you will go home with your little bundle of joy, thinking they will grow and gain weight as normal.

Unfortunately, this might not be the case, so other issues may arise as your child struggles to take in the daily recommended amount of calories through breastfeeding or formula.

So, if you suspect something may be wrong, either because your child messes a lot while drinking (milk runs out from the side of the mouth), swallows a lot of air while drinking due to poor latching, or is not gaining enough weight, you should request a consultation for a check-up.

Other signs to keep an eye out for are excessive irritability, sleepiness, and decreasing amounts of wet diapers, which are all common indicators that your child is not drinking enough throughout the day.

Tongue Tie Procedures

Who knew that such a small band of connective tissue could have such implications for an infant? As absurd as it may seem, there is a simple and effective way to resolve this: by releasing a tongue tie.

This removes the restriction on your child’s tongue mobility and thus allows them to feed normally. As a minimally invasive procedure, it is done quickly without the need for anaesthesia, and your child can go home on the very same day.

If you need assistance with a tongue tie in Newcastle or have been directed by a doctor to consider oral surgery, we can help. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.