If you’re looking for an excellent Newcastle dental clinic suitable for your whole family, then Newcastle City Dental has got you covered. We offer dental services for children as well as for adults.

A children’s dentist, otherwise known as a pediatric dentist or a pedodontist, has special skills and tools for dealing with children’s dental needs. All pedodontists are general dentists too, but not all general dentists are pedodontists. This makes pedodontists excellent family dentists.

Going to the dentist can be scary – especially for children. That’s why a good pedodontist will know how to put children at ease and make the whole experience as painless as possible.

Here are some of the things that make pedodontists a cut above regular dentists:

Special Environment

Pedodontic practice rooms will likely be made to appear more appealing to children. The waiting rooms will have special books, toys and games to keep children entertained while they wait. The practice room will have fun and cheerful décor appropriate for children, designed to make them feel happy and comforted. The more relaxed the child is, the less traumatic the experience will be for them.

Special Tools

Children’s baby teeth are much smaller than adult teeth. Their mouths are much smaller too. For this reason, pedodontists have a special set of tools especially for working with children. These smaller tools are designed to make the experience of dental visits more comfortable and enjoyable. Big equipment meant for adult mouths can hurt children and make them afraid of going back to the dentist.

Specially Trained

After qualifying as a dentist, pedodontists undergo several years of special extra training so that they can practice dentistry on children. Children have many different and special needs compared to adults, and a pedodontist knows exactly how to deal with those differences.

For example, the treatments for baby teeth can vary greatly from treatments for adult teeth. Moreover, children often have baby teeth and adult teeth at the same time, so the dentist needs to know how to deal with both. Differences in adult versus children’s diets can also make for vastly different dental issues. A pedodontist will make more accurate diagnoses and will assign more appropriate treatments for children.

What’s more, pedodontists often offer orthodontic pre-assessments as part of their examinations, and they might even be able to perform some minor orthodontic treatments.

Our Newcastle dental clinic offers expert pediatric dental care. Book your child’s appointment at Newcastle City Dentist today!