Teeth ‒ these are an essential part of our bodies that we aim to carry with us throughout our lives. Even though baby teeth are gradually replaced by adult teeth, we still need to take care of the teeth we have, no matter our age. Starting to take care of your teeth from a very young age can be the key to long-term gum and teeth health. Here are some helpful tips from your Newcastle dental clinic for instilling good oral hygiene in your children.

Get Them While They’re Fresh

Before children start to build up large amounts of plaque or have holes in their teeth from a constant supply of sweets, condition your child from a very young age to complete this habit unconsciously. But it starts with you as the parent. Children learn by watching. So every morning and every night, you should brush your teeth or go the extra mile and brush your teeth after every meal. Show your children how much you enjoy taking care of your teeth and that it is something you do at least twice a day. Make an effort to bring this habit into your children’s daily routine from a young age so that they are more inclined to copy you from the very beginning.

Make It Fun

There are plenty of fun designs on toothbrushes that will appeal to children. Let your child take an active role in their dental hygiene by allowing them to choose a toothbrush they like best. Ask your dentist if you’re unsure of which type of brush to buy.

When it comes time to brush their teeth, turn a torturous experience into an enjoyable one through music. Consider making up or playing a catchy song or nursery rhyme about the joys of keeping teeth sparkly clean. At first it is wise to join in brushing your own teeth alongside your kids and, if possible, brush them for the duration of the song.

Gum Health

If you have already got them to brush their teeth without a big fuss, try to show your kids how to floss as well for the health of their gums. As soon as their teeth start growing close together, you know it’s time to begin instilling this habit in them ‒ under supervision, of course. Remember to floss your own teeth too, continuously showing them the positive results and happy effects of overall mouth health.

Start your children on a lifetime journey of great dental hygiene by booking an appointment with the Newcastle City Dental clinic. Our family-friendly dental practice in Newcastle has all the experience and technology to support dental care at every age. Don’t wait until it is too late!