Whether it’s for a routine check-up or a treatment procedure, going to the dentist in Newcastle is an intimate and invasive journey. You open yourself up, mouth and all, and put yourself in the hands of someone who you barely know. From drilling to injections and possibly pulling a tooth, the dentist can be pretty scary for most people.

Unfortunately, there are many unfriendly dentists who focus on your money, rather than your comfort. And to top it off – it doesn’t come cheap. That’s why you need a best dentist with a bedside manner who is not only affordable but also caring. Searching for a dentist Newcastle like this? Here are some good signs to look out for.

No Technical Mambo-Jumbo

As a medical discipline, dentistry contains highly complex and technical jargon used to explain the various intricate procedures and anatomical structures. From apicoectomy to malocclusion, these can easily go right over the average person’s head. If it sounds like your dentist is speaking a dead language, they do not have your best interest at heart! Using such technical jargon is exclusionary, intimidating, and pretty rude. A great dentist knows how important this information is to the client when making healthcare decisions. They will make sure to explain your results in a way that you can understand – without being condescending.

A Good Listener With No Judgement

Whether you’re a nervous wreck, a concerned parent, or even just curious, you are still a paying customer. You have every right to ask questions and voice your concerns – it’s normal. An excellent dentist knows this and will answer all your queries and calm your nerves. You should never feel like you’re overreacting – this is about you and your dental health, which should not be taken lightly. That’s why an understanding dentist will listen patiently to all your symptoms, perform an examination, and take you through your results as many times as needed. For those with dental anxiety or hypochondria, don’t worry! It doesn’t matter if it’s all in your head. A good dentist will explain how this happens and happily help you understand what to look out for in the future.

Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

A dentist with a good bedside manner will focus on you, your lifestyle, and your health. They will make every effort to understand and to get to know you for a holistic view of your dental health. For them, dentistry is a passion used to heal rather than a chore used to cover the rent. In order to understand you as a person, and not just a patient, a dentist of this calibre would engage in small talk. Their aim is to build a connection to make you feel comfortable and at home. This will put you at ease and calm any nerves – every anxious or phobic patient’s dream! In fact, you’ll probably look forward to it.

Now that you know what makes a truly caring dentist, it’s time to find one. Luckily for you, here at Newcastle City Dentist, we have made it our mission to only employ the most compassionate, empathetic dentists around. After so many horror stories, we have taken every measure to protect our patients from uncomfortable experiences. Visit our Newcastle office or contact us to book your appointment today!

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