Finding the right dental practice in Newcastle can be the difference between a healthy oral hygiene journey or one full of issues, but thankfully, Newcastle City Dental provides the former!

Most people find a dental practice in their area and stick with it simply because of convenience, even though they’re not entirely happy with the service they are receiving. Many people also experience heightened anxiety when visiting the dentist, but many practices don’t take this into account when working on their patients. But, a dental checkup should be a relaxed experience, and that depends largely on the dental practice you choose to visit.

Unfortunately, when your road to optimal oral health starts this way, it can be hard to sustain a good relationship with your at-home hygiene and your dentist, leading to poor oral health and, eventually, tooth decay, tooth loss, and a lower quality of life.

So, if you’re looking for a dental practice in Newcastle or want to change your dentist, Newcastle City Dental is an excellent choice! Here, we focus on running a family-oriented dental practice that fosters comfort and care with sophisticated dental procedures that leave you with a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. In addition, as an avid paediatric dental practice, we offer free kids dental care, so you can ensure your children have oral vitality from an early age!

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Five Must-Haves To Look For When Choosing A Dental Practice. 

Not all dental practices are the same, and the quality of services changes significantly from one practice to the next. So, it’s important to find one that ticks all the boxes and makes you feel confident in being their patient. So, let’s discuss five must-haves to look for when choosing a dental practice:

  • The dentist is well educated. If you want excellent service, it starts with an educated and experienced dentist. Make sure the practice you choose has sufficiently qualified and experienced dentists.
  • Well-trained staff. Receptionists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants should attend regular training and provide superb customer service.
  • A welcoming atmosphere. A dental practice that feels warm and welcoming and treats you like family is a practice worth committing to.
  • Clean and organised offices. As part of the health sector, dental practices should hold a high standard of cleanliness and organisation.
  • Excellent customer service. From the moment you walk into the moment you walk out, you should be met with excellent customer service, where your needs are the dental practice’s priority.

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