With so many new technological and medical advancements, it can, at times, be challenging to stay ahead of the curb! We’ll be exploring some of the latest diagnostic technology behind the best Dentist in Newcastle and invite you to read along and discover more.

Types Of Diagnostic Technology Used In Practice 

  • Digital Dental X-Ray

These x-rays have recently become popular replacements for the traditional film x-ray. Digital dental x-rays help practitioners get a clear view of the teeth, gums and overall mouth structure to ascertain what course of action or treatment may be required. Electronic sensors correspond with computer programs to formulate images instantly, which means that patient exposure to radiation is limited. Digital x-rays are excellent for exposing fine details and imperfections. Most healthy adults are advised to book in for a digital dental x-ray every two years or when pain and unwanted problems occur.

  • OPG X-Ray 

OPG x-rays, otherwise known as Orthopantomography or Panoramic Radiography, allow dental surgeons to capture a wide view of the lower half of a person’s face. OPG’s display both your top and bottom teeth as well as hidden teeth that haven’t yet emerged. They also give surgeons a look at your jaw as well as the joint that connects it to the skull. Unlike Digital x-rays, OPG’s offer broad coverage of the mouth area. They are ideal for patients who may have difficulty opening their mouth due to a low range of jaw mobility.

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening

The Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment is the perfect in-chair procedure to get those pearly whites looking as good as new! Whilst striving to maintain the strength of your teeth, this professional service safely removes unwanted stains. The Zoom teeth whitening process is fairly fast and relies on the use of LED light and whitening gel to deliver gleaning results.

Benefits Of Our On-Site Laboratory 

This advancement certainly has been one of the biggest resources in allowing for a fast turnaround time on the results of tests, scans and more! High-quality, durable materials are used to manufacture dental appliances and cosmetic products on site. The production process is sped up, and no time or additional money is wasted on delivery. Furthermore, having an on-site lab allows for better quality control and ease of alteration.

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