Maintaining optimal oral hygiene and health can be challenging when poor lifestyle choices get in the way of practising proper oral care, but a hygienist can conduct thorough teeth cleaning to assist in getting your oral health back on track.

From a young age, we’re taught the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing after meals, as well as avoiding excessive amounts of sugary treats that may promote tartar buildup and tooth decay. However, when life becomes busy and crowded, many self-care routines go on the back burner, oral hygiene being one of them. Either your mornings are rushed and everything needs to be done on the go, or you’re just too exhausted in the evenings to even think about standing for ten minutes at the bathroom sink brushing, flossing and rinsing your teeth. Unfortunately, one missed day tends to turn into several missed days, and before you know it, you’re sporting a rather smelly, plaque-covered mouth with sensitive gums that bleed easily.

To maintain good oral health, you must maintain a good oral health routine. Yes, it can be difficult sometimes to convince yourself to stay awake an extra few minutes rather than getting into your comfortable bed or waking up earlier in the morning to ensure you have enough time to take care of yourself properly before the day begins, but it’s well worth it when your health is on the line.

So, don’t put off that long-awaited dentist visit. Instead, make an appointment with Newcastle City Dental for professional hygienist teeth cleaning services!

What To Expect When You Visit A Dental Hygienist.

Dental hygienists are trained, highly skilled oral health care professionals whose main objectives are maintaining good oral hygiene and identifying the early signs of gum and mouth illness and disease. If you’ve never been for a deep cleaning before, you may be hesitant, but we’ve outlined everything you should expect from your visit, so let’s discuss:

  1. Medical history. It is critical for the dental hygienist to know of any underlying medical conditions, so they will ask a series of questions regarding your medical history to build a portfolio of your current health.
  2. Examination. The hygienist will examine your mouth, gums and teeth and may use an x-ray to help identify any issues below the gum line or within the teeth.
  3. Cleaning. Your teeth will be cleaned using a process called scaling and teeth planing, removing built-up plaque and calculus.
  4. Treatment plan. You will be given an action plan for ongoing oral care maintenance and general oral hygiene advice.

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