Visiting a professional for the fitment of dental crowns in Newcastle can be a comfortable and seamless process. But most people put it off until they have no choice but to make an urgent booking.

It is one of the most common tooth restorations, and yet one of the frequent questions we are asked is, “Do I really need a crown”? Here at Newcastle City Dental, we’ve done our fair share of dental crowns, but our main objective as a practice is prevention, which is why we explore every option available with our patients before settling on one specific restoration, such as dental crowns.

Crowns are an excellent option for helping to extend the life of your tooth, but there may also be other measures you can take to restore the health of the tooth without the need for crowns, and this is something your dentist should discuss with you during your consultation.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the treatment, procedure, and expectations to set to help you make an informed decision in regards to your oral health.

Why Do I Require A Crown?

For many people, seeing is believing, and it should be no different concerning your oral health. Most people who require crowns will experience some sort of pain or discomfort when biting down or will have a visible crack in the tooth. If the crack extends below the gumline, a root canal may be required along with crown lengthening, or in more severe cases where the tooth cannot be saved, it will need to be extracted.

Your dentist, on the other hand, should be more than willing to explain why a crown is the best option for you and demonstrate it to you, either with an intraoral photograph or simply by pointing out the tooth damage with a handheld mirror.

If you ever feel that your dentist is insisting on dental crowns without providing sufficient motivation for the procedure, consider getting a second opinion; dental crowns can cost quite a lot of money, even with the assistance of insurance or medical coverage.

What Are My Other Options?

In some cases, although a dental crown is an option, there are also other restorative solutions. For instance, if the tooth is not significantly damaged, you could opt for a filling. However, in cases where the damaged area is quite large, a crown is typically the best option.

At the end of your consultation with your dentist, you should feel confident that a dental crown is best for your overall oral health.

Newcastle City Dental strives to ensure every patient is well informed of their various tooth restoration options and that they have all the information they need to feel confident in the procedure they choose. So, if you’re considering dental crowns in Newcastle, schedule a consultation with us today and let’s discuss your oral health.