Every child should be able to smile with confidence throughout life. And as parents, you should begin teaching and training your children to consistently brush their teeth and practise oral hygiene from a young age. At Newcastle City Dental, a child’s dental health should be prioritised, but we believe that sometimes more than just good care is needed. So our dentists are committed to offering a spectrum of paediatric dental services and supplementary educational techniques for all-encompassing care for infants, young children, and adolescents.

Unfortunately, there is an increase in childhood dental decay in Australia. And it is best to follow a preventative rather than a reactive approach.

Increased Attention During Childhood Years

When your child begins teething, taking care of their teeth is critical. Cleaning your child’s teeth and gums will guard against pain, infection, and cavities. Furthermore, decaying baby teeth might harm the underlying adult (permanent) teeth.

To stop tooth decay, your child has to practise regular dental hygiene. As soon as their first teeth erupt, babies might develop dental rot. The earliest indications of decay are white patches or lines on the front teeth.

When a child’s adult teeth erupt later, crowding issues may arise if a tooth is lost to decay.

General Dentistry And Paediatric Dentistry 

Once they have graduated and received their licence from a recognised institution, every dental student can practise general dentistry on patients of all ages. But it’s crucial to remember that every dental patient has complex issues that require a paediatric specialist. For this reason, pedodontists are trained to satisfy specific criteria for children’s dental care, including fluoride applications and dental sealants.

Highest Education 

Our knowledgeable dentists aren’t merely qualified by title. To be qualified, they have completed a minimum of three years of study and training in paediatric dentistry. Few people can say this, too. This enables them to devote all their time and energy to providing your child with the greatest dental treatment.

Superior Dental Care 

At Newcastle City Dental, we use our knowledge to assess and suggest the best plaque-removal solutions. We also provide entertainment to keep your kids interested and happy while they brush. Every time your child visits our cutting-edge dentistry practice, we have a team of amiable people that will make them feel at ease. In addition, our exam rooms are furnished with kid-friendly publications, colourful wall paint, and tasty sweets for your children’s enjoyment.

Let us use our paediatric dental services to offer your youngster a beautiful, healthy smile. So visit us today for dental care.