Teeth checkup

When it comes to dental issues, some are more pressing than others. For example, you can schedule a regular checkup or wash at your own convenience. This doesn’t necessarily count as critical (unless you’ve gone too long without booking yourself in). However, when accidents or unexpected problems pop up, you may find that require the services of a dental professional who appreciates the urgency of the situation. This is why we practice as emergency dentists in Newcastle – dental emergencies do exist!

Not sure what would vindicate seeking immediate treatment? In this blog, we discuss some of the most common instances that warrant a visit to the dental emergency room.

Emergency Dental Issue #1 – A High Impact Incident That Completely Knocks Out A Tooth

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you’re in the middle of chewing a meal, playing your favorite sport, or driving, you may encounter an impact that removes your tooth from its place. If this happens, keep the tooth safe and make your way to your nearest emergency dentist to replace it.

Emergency Dental Issue #2 – Teeth That Become Loose Without Any Explanation

Beyond childhood, we stop expecting our teeth to get loose and fall out. Once you’ve shed your milk teeth for the adult set, loosening is not a normal occurrence. Get it check out immediately, to ensure that you treat the issue at the root.

Emergency Dental Issue #3 – Sharp And Persistent Pain In Your Mouth

Pain is always an indication that something is wrong. Rotting, infection, breakage, nerve injuries, and other dental issues will be characterized by pain and discomfort. It can be unbearable to endure, which makes quick treatment necessary.

Emergency Dental Issue #4 – Partial Or Whole Swelling Of The Face

Sometimes the symptoms go beyond your mouth. Facial swelling is often a sign that you have an oral problem, especially if it’s related to your nerves.

Emergency Dental Issue #5 – Spontaneous Bleeding In Your Gums

Your mouth shouldn’t be bleeding unless you accidentally cut yourself. Gum infections & other conditions can make some people more prone to bleeding. Either way, blood is an indication that you need treatment ASAP.

Not all emergencies pop up overnight or without warning. Make sure that you take care of your teeth adequately to reduce the risk of suffering from avoidable emergencies. Things happen – we understand. If you’re looking for a reliable emergency dentist in Newcastle, our doors our always open. Call us anytime to get help.