Pediatric Dentist

Whether you consider oral exams for infants, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic conditions or repair of damaged or decaying teeth, these are all essential dental services a pediatric dentist provides to our community. Without your local pediatric dentist, you would not be able to guarantee that proper care is taken during treatment of your child’s dental needs. Take a look at these 3 important questions to ask your pediatric dentist in Newcastle to ensure that you are making the right choice when it comes to trusting that your children’s dental healthcare is properly taken care of.

  1. What Can You Expect From Your First Visit To Your Pediatric Dentist’s Office?

The way a dentist handles your child can greatly affect their entire outlook on dentists from that point onwards and you want to feel assured that the dentist you choose creates a calm, relaxed and tolerable experience for your little one, so as to not turn every trip to the dentist’s office afterwards into a traumatic and difficult task. Ask the receptionist what you can expect in terms of procedure on the first visit and how the doctor handles children of specific ages and deals with high anxiety levels. This will help ease your mind and ensure that you choose the best fit for your child.

  1. Does The Pediatric Dentist You’re Considering Offer Sedation Dentistry? 

If your child suffers from higher anxiety levels than others, this will be a considerably important factor when making your decision on which pediatric dentist is the right fit for you and your family. Dentists that offer sedation dentistry use local anesthetic, nitrous oxide and IV sedation as methods of counteracting excessive and uncontrollable anxiety and movement during treatment, allowing your child’s dental healthcare to remain properly maintained without enduring any emotional trauma.

  1. Get To Know Your Pediatric Dentist’s Treatment Options 

While all pediatric dental service offices will offer a standard set of services such as damage and decay repair and bi annual check-ups, each dental office may have a slightly different set of services and it is good to know what exactly your pediatric dentist offers your child and what they specialize in. This assures you are making the right decision for your child and that the dentist’s services are specifically tailored to their personal dental needs.

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